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GT1000 Guard TourGT1500 Guard Tour System Kit
Also Available for Explosion Critical Environments
This lightweight yet durable rounds tracking systems ensure your personnel are making their rounds as scheduled.
It's so easy, simply touch the handy M6000 recorder to the recording station "iButton" and it records the location, date, and time. S
oftware is Microsoft Windows XP, Vista and Win7 compliant. The GT1500 guard tour systems offers easy rounds tracking at a value-conscious price. Ideal for guards and other security personnel, hospital or convalescent  home staff or janitorial services.
$559.00 Call to order 1500 Kit includes GT2000 Software Upgrade

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GT1500 Features: 

Offers easy rounds tracking at a value-conscious price. Ideal for guards and other security personnel, hospital or nursing home staff, cleaning crews — any situation where you need to be able to verify when your personnel have visited specific locations.

  • Small Size - The featherweight M6000 recorder weighs in at less than six ounces. At less than four inches long and less than two inches wide, this unit fits easily into the palm of your hand or your pocket , yet strong enough to drive a car over without damage.

  • Durability - Although lightweight and easy to carry, the M6000 recorder is no pushover. This tough customer is made of sturdy reinforced Lexan® polycarbonate that shrugs off rain, mud, grease and dust.

  • Scalability - Add as many recorders and iButtons as needed, when and where you need them.

  • Accountable - Easily produce detailed guard tour reports by downloading data from the M6000 to a PC with the included download cradle and Windows-based software. A full download takes only about three minutes. And you can export the data to Microsoft Excel or other databases.

  • Works with your existing Stations- If your current stations in the the field uses the round steel "iButton" this system will work. It requires you to log on the existing stations in the field.

  • Explosive Environment GT6000EE -  We offer a naval brass headed GT6000EE with no exposed ferrous parts specifically designed for explosive environments when used with insulated iButtons.

What's in the box:  

  • Software and user manual on CD.
  • GT6000 Recorder
  • Recorder carrying case
  • PC docking station.
  • One recorder opener key.
  • Five recording station iButton mounts.
  • Five iButton DS1990A-F5 recording station buttons.
  • Special upgrade to GT2000 software available with GT1500
  • USB Adaptor- connects to USB or Serial computer ports.
  • More Features-

    Multiple Watchmen.  

     Multiple Recorders.

     Multiple Recording Stations.

     Password Protected.

     Archive Management.

     Exports Reports

     Bi-Lingual operation (English or Spanish)
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GT6000 Recorder
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GT Guard recorder
$389.00 Call to Order
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GT downloader
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 supervisor downloader
(Pictured with GT6000 on top)

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Clear Label Holder
(iButton not included)
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guard station
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Station Holder
(iButton not included)
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ibutton holder
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Incident Book
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incident buttons

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i buttons station

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Tour FOBs
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i button key fob
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Recorder Keychain
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Recorder Wall Mount
(recorder not included)

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